Experts in Project Management

with more than 50 years of experience across a wide range of projects. This enables us to rapidly select the appropriate management team for each project, taking into account its type, size, complexity and location. Our project managers are experts in coordinating the installation of your façade system with your site’s construction schedule and will plan the production of the elements accordingly so they’re on time and within budget.

A Reliable Supply Chain

The source materials account for up to one third of the cost of a façade and it is vital to have suppliers who can deliver the quality and quantity on time and within budget. That’s why we rely on a carefully vetted network of over 900 suppliers and subcontractors, who we work with closely in order to control the quality and the flow of material for each project. Our network guaranties we are able to rapidly find the right partners to launch your project into production.


Our logistics team oversees our incoming, outgoing and internal material flows and manages our inventory. They submit incoming articles to a rigorous quality control before handing them over to production or putting them in our inventory. A particular attention to the packaging guaranties our transports are optimised and our products are protected during storage and transportation. The shipping companies we work with are carefully selected for their high reactivity and their reliability on national and international routes.


Our Installation Managers take care of the coordination, planning, quality controls and health and safety issues. Whether we send our own team or work in close partnership with a local company, we make sure the installation is carried out by a professional team in compliance with local labour laws and safety regulations.


Taking care of your building’s façade is important to preserve its appearance and functions. During the handover of your building we provide you with detailed documentation and maintenance recommendations for your façade system. We also help you gather your requirements for establishing agreements with our maintenance service.

Dedicated Maintenance Service

Our customer service is at your disposal from the handover of your building, and stays with you for the building’s lifetime. Purchasing a maintenance contract gives you the comfort of knowing that our maintenance team will perform annual inspections and carry out the necessary service tasks. And if there is any incident during or after the warranty period, we are there for you and will react as quickly as possible.