Design & Engineering

Going Beyond Aesthetics

The demands on modern façade systems go beyond aesthetics; they must be energy efficient and deal with drainage, heat, cold, light and noise. These requirements are essential for creating a pleasant indoor ambiance. The delicate structure must also support standard loads as well as those in occurring in extraordinary circumstances such as fires or bomb blasts. The cladding must also allow a simple and smooth installation, easy access and exchangeability to ensure maintenance is cost-effective.

Multiphysics Engineering

The aesthetic, structural, thermal and acoustic requirements often result in contradictory constraints on the design of a façade system. Our engineers are experts in developing a finely tuned balance between these constraints. They use decades of experience alongside the latest technological innovations in their designs and then test their performance in multiphysics simulations.

Designing for Value and Quality

Once our engineers have developed a design that fulfils your requirements, they carefully choose the appropriate materials and optimise the production and installation sequences. To do this, they create customised quality manuals to ensure you receive the premium service you expect from a Swiss company throughout the production and installation process. We aim to do all of this while delivering the best possible value for your money.