Production & installation

Flexible Manufacturing

When it’s time to launch your project into production our manufacturing department is well prepared. We’re equipped to manage the entire manufacturing process in-house and we have the flexibility to adapt the production and assembly lines to the specific requirements of your project. We use the latest technology for laser cutting, bending, machining, welding, and assembly.

Structural Bonding

Through years of excellence, we’ve earned a reputation as experts in the structural bonding of glass panes. This complex process not only requires technical mastery and a strictly controlled environment, but also numerous tests, a continuous monitoring of quality and meticulous tracking and tracing.

Large Capacity

We can produce roughly 60.000m2 of façades per year in our production and assembly lines. And during peak production periods we can increase our capacity with extra shifts and resort to an exclusive network of reliable subcontractors to sublet certain operations in close coordination with our partners.


Installing your curtain wall in a speedy and cost-efficient manner is our priority. To achieve this we have a large range of methods, from a stick system assembled piece by piece on-site to the mounting of entire elements that are pre-assembled in our factory plants. Proprietary tools such as our three-way adjustable sub-construction systems guarantee a perfect alignment of the individual elements. On-site we can use monorail robots and small cranes to handle glazed elements.