Groupe 8, Carouge


The administrative building on the Avenue de France is installed like a glass prism which presents itself as a front on the CFF lanes and defines one of the gateways of the International Organizations Site with the House of The Peace on the other side of the Avenue de France.

Client: Fondation des immeubles pour les Organisations Internationales
Main contractor: FIPOI
Façades: 4 900 m2
Type: New
City: Genève

The choice of a "double skin" facade ensures visual lightness and isolates the offices from noise nuisance caused by the rail and road traffic in direct proximity. The interior slopes of the facades are therefore characterized by a simple and repetitive skin of elements which constitute the sound and thermal envelope. These elements are enhanced with a colorful pattern based on the variable colours of a sky at sunset. The outer envelope is made of glazings presenting different reflection and transparancy characteristics to create an enigmatic and shimmering effect.

"The facade design was inspired by some experimental works of the American artist Robert Smithson. The work of this artist, figurehead of the Land Art movement, often represent industrial architectural forms as allegories of the world. According to the same method, the facade of the building is transformed into a vision device, providing a tool to read the context in which it is located. One of the objectives pursued was to propose a new way of contemplating the sky and the various components of the monolith direct environment through the reflection of the building facade. This device comes to life in contact with the immediate environment: the adjacent train tracks, the road and the sky."

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