Rosey-Carnal Hall School


A look back /end of the project : 2014. Called the "flying saucer" dedicated to the Arts! Its unusual architecture shelters under its vast metal dome a philharmonic concert hall with 1,000 seats, which has already hosted concerts by the world's leading orchestras and conference halls. A learning centre with a library, a music and visual arts teaching centre and several catering areas. A lower ground floor, the 230 m2 black box with a ceiling height of 8 metres, is dedicated to contemporary theatre. On the first floor, there are the training rooms.

Work description: exterior facade: Stick system, exterior cladding: wood siding, interior façade : stick system

Façade area : 3'200 m2

Photos: ©Felix constructions

Main contractor : Institut Le Rosey

Architects : Bernard Tschumi Architects